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Dressing Our Best for Success
During the 2005 school year, BES parents and staff members established the Dress for Success Program to highly encourage student participation in wearing appropriate school attire. Students are highly encouraged to follow our Dress for Success Program guidelines.

BES Dress for Success Guidelines

School colors: khaki, navy, red, white, blue, denim
Girls’ tops: short/long sleeve BES or other appropriate t-shirt/sweatshirt, blouse, polo-style shirt, turtleneck
Girls’ pants: slacks, shorts/skirt (appropriate length), jeans, Capri pant, skort, jumper
Boys’ tops: short/long sleeve BES or other appropriate t-shirt/sweatshirt, polo-style shirt, turtleneck
Boys’ pants: slacks, shorts, jeans

In addition to the BES dress code, students are expected to follow the dress code for Rockdale County Public Schools. (See the BES student/parent handbook and the RCPS student/parent handbook for more specific information including appropriate shirt logos, length of skirts/shorts, and appropriateness of clothing.) Denim items should not be torn, ripped, baggy or excessive in length.

Hoods attached to clothing should not be worn at any time inside the school building. Leggings may be worn under a skirt or tunic, but not as the only leg covering with a shirt.

**For safety purposes in PE and on the playground, we ask that students wear tennis shoes. Shoes without heel straps and “heely” shoes should not be worn.

Our purpose for asking students to dress appropriately at school includes:
- Placing an emphasis on learning as students are “dressed to learn”.
- Promoting school spirit.
- Instilling a strong sense of pride and self-discipline.
- Reducing peer pressure.
- Making a positive statement to the school community about the strong values and unity portrayed at BES.

PDF icon  Click here for PDF of the above guidelines.