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Info for Parents

Welcome to Barksdale's parents' page. We have placed all the information that we think will keep you informed on this page. If you do not find the information you are looking for, please contact us.

Virtual Mentors

In just 30 minutes per week, you can change someone’s life.

YOU have the Power of Oneto make a difference in a student’s life.

Be a virtual mentor and make a positive difference in the life of a student. If you are a caring adult who has at least 30 minutes a week to spend with a student, you have the necessary skills for the job. As a virtual mentor, your role will be to:

• Meet with your student mentee virtually once a week for at least 30 minutes throughout the school year. *

• Offer guidance and support.

• Engage in conversation with your mentee.

• Assist with homework or classwork.

• Discuss goals and career options.

• Encourage your mentee’s academic, emotional, and social development.

* RCPS understands that business obligations may from time-to-time prevent you from keeping an appointment with your mentee. In the event of a conflict, please contact Deborah Neason, so your mentee can be informed and the meeting rescheduled. Your mentee considers your presence the most important part of the Mentoring program.

It is easy to become a virtual mentor . . .

Visit the Rockdale County Public Schools website at and click on “Community” to navigate to the Mentoring page.

Complete the online Mentor Application.

Participate in a background check. (There is no cost to you for this service.) Once your completed application is processed by RCPS Student Support Services, you will be contacted regarding a background check. All mentors must complete a

background check before being assigned a student.

Await your assignment. You will be assigned to a student within four weeks of an approved background check.

Attend a brief virtual orientation via Microsoft Teams.


Contact Deborah Neason, District Mentor Specialist for more information.

First and Second Grade Standards-Based Report Card Parent Guides 

Click on the links below to be taken to the standards-based report card parent guides for frist and second grades.

First Grade Parent Guide

Second Grade Parent Guide

Title 1 Set Aside Funds--Barksdale Elementary needs your help in planning programs and services that will serve you and your children.  All parents of children receiving Title 1 services have the opportunity to provide input into how the required 1% set-aside parental involvement funds are budgeted. To provide feedback, please contact Miranda Peck at or call 770.483.9514

School Council

Meeting Dates- 

  • Jill Murphy 

  • Miranda Peck     
  • Ebony Broaddus 

  • Megan McClain 

  • Shannon Billingsley

  • Juanita Freeman

  • Reginald Dowdy 

12-16-19 minutes
11-19 minutes 

12-10-19 Teacher Forum


Come and join your child for lunch. Contact your teacher for the exact time.

Parents should sit at the guest tables in front of the cafe, not at the student tables.

Sending in Money?

We gladly welcome your personal checks. Please provide:
- Full Name
- Street Address
- Phone # (with area code)
- Driver’s License #

Note that all returned checks are handled automatically through Envision Payment Solutions and a service fee will be assessed.

Online Lunch Account Payment
(Or send your payment in with your child. Checks should be made to: Barksdale and include your child's name, teacher and driver's license number.)


Clinic Supplies: Kleenex, Feminine Protection, Bandaids, Hand Sanitizer, Liquid Soap, Baby Wipes, Lysol Spray, etc.

Clothing for younger students who have accidents!