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Media Center

About Our Media Center

 The Barksdale library/media center is a place where students are welcome and can find the help they need.  Some of the media center goals are to promote students' interest in reading and learning, teach them strategies needed to access information, and develop their abilities to use that information effectively.  Media center staff members enjoy working with the Barksdale students, faculty, and community achieve these goals.

Media Center Mission

The mission of Barksdale Elementary School’s Media Center, as the foundation of the school’s academic programs, is to encourage a lifetime love of reading, develop critical thinkers, provide access and instruction using the latest technology, and “ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information” by serving as the central location for teaching and learning by:

  • •  Providing a safe and visually warm and inviting learning environment,
  • •  Encouraging students to explore their world through books and technology,
  • •  Supporting students as they find new ways to solve problems,
  • •  Motivating students to read for leisure,
  • •  Providing equitable access to resources such as books, reference materials, technology, and online databases,
  • •  Collaborating with teachers to support the classroom curriculum,
  • •  Teaching students and staff on the safe and effective use of media center resources, technology, and information.

 American Association of School Librarians (AASL). (2009). Empowering Learners. Chicago, Ill: American Library Association.

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